Today Wolf Architects is highly regarded as one of Melbourne foremost architectural practices for contemporary modern designs.

The Wolf Designs Review was initially conceived as an extension of the practice to exercise it’s design values. Through these WOLF reviews we give insight into how everyday objects may be perceived through the designers eyes. Our preference for items over ten years old allows us to appreciate how designs stand the test of time. While the fashions and technologies of the era are considered, we will not necessarily comment on the items practicalities, technology or general usefulness. Our focus is more on the sensuality of the product with consideration to things such as:

  • Balance & Proportion
  • Composition, texture and immateriality
  • Craftsmanship
  • Mental and Emotional stimulation
  • Intrigue & Beauty.

The Wolf Designs Review was a natural progression of WOLF Architects mission to encourage and promote universal principals in superior design. This website showcases and presents a vast variety of well conceived products from a designers perspective.


What is it?

The WOLF standard represents a  level of excellence. A product endorsed with a WOLF seal of approval and score over 7.5 is deemed to have met the WOLF standard. This symbol aims to provide confidence and peace of mind with respects to design and quality. It is the assurance that you have something of value.
The WOLF standard is not about labeling things as perfect or near perfection, but rather to describe something as being intentional, and well thought through.

The WOLF seal of approval, and why we need it.

The WOLF seal of approval, and why we need it.
In a world where there is so much variety, discrepancy, imitation and marketing there needs to be a place where certain things can be measured and quantified in way that confirms genuine design excellence.
A Wolf seal and score is our recognized symbol for design excellence. It may be used to further promote products and inspire confidence. A license can be issued for the use of our reviews to further promote products online through websites, newsletter, blogs, etc.
A WOLF review can also be a testing resource for new products being developed or designed. Often, we review things still in the prototype or design phase and can offer suggestions for improvements.

Please contact us if you have a product in mind for review.

Team Hands


Each product is reviewed from the opinions of specialist designers such as architects, interior designers, fine artists, fashion and graphics experts. The ideal examining panel will have a balance between male and female, young and old and with a variety of cultural backgrounds. Our network of talented individuals around the world allows us to provide everything we review with the most sincere and constructive opportunity to be appraised accurately.

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What is Design?

At WOLF designs we consider anything that has been intentionally conceived to create a meaningful or deliberate outcome, a form of design. This however does not necessarily mean that good design is always beautiful or positive.
Design involves making good decisions and using the power of choice to create deliberate and purposeful results. Anyone can thus be a designer as simple daily acts such as choosing what to wear or cooking a meal can by this definition be considered forms of design.